Girl Power Arts & Crafts (GPAC) Sponsorship

Girl Power Arts & Crafts (GPAC) Sponsorship

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The mission of Girl Power Arts and Crafts is to enhance meaningful friendships,  acquaintanceship, and entrepreneurship through arts and crafts.  Some of our participants have struggled with "social awkwardness" or need assistance connecting to peers/others.  Our gatherings provide a "safe"  and enriching environment to all participants to be "themselves".  We've had several experiences where participants have not had many social interactions with peers and by the end of the gatherings, feel empowered through interacting with others in the group.  We use the word gatherings instead of workshops due to the experience we've encountered.  Our gatherings are year-round and are open to all females.  We also aspire for the gatherings to resemble the "real world"; therefore all females are invited.  We will be incorporating  something for males in the near future. We are an Autism Friendly Business.

Obsessions is a for profit business and created Girl Power Arts and Crafts due to personal experiences and seeing a need.  Girl Power Arts and Crafts (GPAC) has offered workshops (gatherings) to all females 12-21 years old since June 2018.  We have increased the number of gatherings and are expanding to include entrepreneurship.  We would like to offer even more opportunities to participants by offering scholarships for females on the Autism Spectrum and/or Communication Disorders.  If you have any questions or want to sponsor at a level not listed, please feel free to contact us. 

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