Girl Power Arts & Crafts (GPAC) gatherings are for young ladies 12-21 yrs old. It’s an opportunity to socialize; possibly make friendship, and do crafts. This group was created due to personal experience. While my daughter was growing up social outings were limited due to social unpredictability and anxiety. During that time, many people did not understand the Spectrum, anxiety,  and the characteristics that accompanied it. This group was designed for all young ladies with or without Autism, anxiety, or communication disorders. It’s designed to be a “safe space” to socialize and “be themselves”. My goal is to let the young ladies see how beautiful they are inside and out. This group is for young ladies and later will incorporate boys.

      The gatherings are held at least twice a month with a variety of arts and crafts. Visit Workshops section for social groups; gatherings; and to register. an Contact us for more information

      If you would like to sponsor participant(s) you can go to GPAC sponsor.  If you would like to sponsor our program (cost of materials etc..) you can go to GPAC program sponsor. Thank you

      Please help us better suit your artistic needs.  Obsessions would like to better accommodate you and/or your daughter's interests by you filling out our survey.  We will use this survey to improve planning for next sessions. Thank you for your help.

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